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WatcherWil [userpic]


November 2nd, 2006 (04:10 pm)

According to Michael Ausiello on TVGuide.com, Tom Amandes (Dr. Harold Abbott) is guest-starring on the November 24th episode of Numb3rs as a man out to expose a covert government program that has destroyed lives, including that of a person close to him. Says exec producer Cheryl Heuton, "It's a moving, emotional role that lets a good actor show his stuff."

WatcherWil [userpic]


November 1st, 2006 (05:37 pm)


Tomorrow, November 2nd, Season 2 of Everwood will begin on ABC Family at 6pm EST.  Get your VCRs and DVD burners ready!  If you want to own Seasons 2-4 of Everwood, you'll have to record them yourselves.  Remember, Everwood appears on ABC Family every weeknight at 6pm EST!  To check your local ABC Family listings, you can check out their Everwood site.

WatcherWil [userpic]


October 26th, 2006 (12:34 pm)

Next Thursday, November 2nd, Season 2 of Everwood will begin on ABC Family at 6pm EST.  Get your VCRs and DVD burners ready!  If you want to own Seasons 2-4 of Everwood, you'll have to record them yourselves.  Remember, Everwood appears on ABC Family every weeknight at 6pm EST!  To check your local ABC Family listings, you can check out their Everwood site.

WatcherWil [userpic]


October 21st, 2006 (02:26 pm)

Apparently the CW stands for "Crazy Wankers". The newly formed and poorly run network has just ordered a full season of the show 7th Heaven! Not only is the show doing poorly in ratings, but now the CW has moved it to Sundays and sandwiched it between two repeat episodes of America's Next Top Model and Smallville. We'll also have to go through those excruciating promos for the "Final Goodbye to the Camdens" again as well.

And while we're talking insanity, the CW hasn't even ordered a full season of Veronica Mars yet! Yes, you read that right. Veronica Mars, a fledging show that has not only improved over it's ratings from it's first two seasons on UPN, but which is growing in viewers week to week on the CW, has NOT received a full season order, while the "on the slab in the morgue" show 7th Heaven continues to receive special treatment. I haven't seen craziness like this since Everwood was cancelled by...well, the same people! 


Treat Williams
, Andy Brown, will be on Brothers and Sisters this Sunday, 10pm on ABC.

Chris Pratt, Bright Abbott, will be in several episodes of The O.C. when it returns to Fox.

Nora Zehetner, Laynie Hart, can currently be seen on Heroes, Mondays on NBC at 9pm. There's also a Heroes marathon tomorrow on NBC from 8pm to 11pm.

Anne Heche, Amanda Hayes, stars in Men In Trees on ABC every Friday night at 9pm.

Scott Wolf, Dr. Jake Hartman, is one of the stars of the The Nine, Wednesdays on ABC at 10pm.

Sarah Lancaster, Madison Kellner, stars on What About Brian, Mondays at 10pm on ABC.

Jane Krakowski, Dr. Gretchen Trott, is on 30 Rock, Wednesdays at 8pm on NBC.

Marcia Cross, Dr. Linda Abbott, (in case you've been living in a cave) stars on Desperate Housewives on ABC every Sunday night at 9pm.

WatcherWil [userpic]


October 18th, 2006 (05:43 pm)

Help save a former Everwood star's new show! If you haven't checked out Anne Heche's new show, Men In Trees, on Friday nights at 9pm on ABC, you're missing out on a helluva show. The show is pretty much Everwood, Sex & the City, and Northern Exposure rolled into one. Everwoodians will remember Anne from when she played Amanda Hayes, Andy Brown's love interest during Season 3. Anyway, Kristin Veitch from E! is having another one of her influencial "Save Your Favorite Show" polls. (These polls have rescued five out of six endangered veteran shows over the years!) All you have to do is follow the link below and vote to save Men In Trees under the comments section. Anything to support the actors who were a part of the Everwood experience, right? 

This just in from TVGuide.com...

"CW Stops Runaway in Its Tracks
The fledgling CW network has given the hook to its first show, Donnie Wahlberg and Leslie Hope's Runaway, which struggled out of the gate and only averaged 1.8 million total viewers, even in a new Sunday time slot. For the time being, says Reuters, CW will fill the Sunday 9 pm slot with repeats.
Everwood died for this? No, really."

And my prediction comes true.

WatcherWil [userpic]


October 16th, 2006 (07:06 pm)

Last night on the CW, 7th Heaven kept pulling in a dismal 2.1 rating and Runaway continued to fail miserably with a 1.1 rating.

According to Zap2It.com, the CW has already climbed on board with new shows in hopes of pulling in some better ratings. The pilot of Capital City comes from Commander in Chief creator Rod Lurie and revolves around "a young woman trying to navigate through the choppy congressional waters." A pilot order for Ghosts, a drama about "twentysomething operatives in the FBI's elite special surveillance group," has been placed. The CW also has two script orders for a couple drama projects. The first is The Good Ship which "centers on a group of young civilian and military doctors on a Navy hospital ship that answers medical needs in the event of a crisis," and the second show will be an "hourlong drama revolving around a young woman's video blog, on which she discusses and features her family."

For more shows the CW is currently developing, check out the following link: 

WatcherWil [userpic]


October 7th, 2006 (06:31 pm)

As of Monday, October 9th, the CW will be switching it's Monday and Sunday night lineups.  That means 7th Heaven will be moved to Sundays at 8pm, placing the faded family show up against CBS's family/reality Emmy Award winning hit Amazing Race.  Likewise, Runaway will find it's demise and be laid to rest (finally), when it's moved to Sundays at 9pm and faces the third highest rated show on television, fan favorite and Emmy Nominated Desperate Housewives!!!

(On A Side Note:  Couldn't they just save themselves some more embarrassment and cancel this show now.  If the CW won't do it, then I will.  I call time of death for Runaway at...well, when the CW premiered the show in Everwood's timeslot.  Beware of the Everwood curse, CW!  mmmmwwwaahhaahhaa)

In a desperate move to try and save their Sunday night comedy block, which includes UPN's hit Everybody Hates Chris, the CW will relocate all four of it's sitcoms to Monday night.  I don't foresee their sitcoms doing any better on this new night when they'll be opposite CBS's hit sitcom block which includes How I Met Your Mother and Two & a Half Men.  The CW can't figure out that these are bad decisions?  What half-wit is in charge of programming over there?  Oh...nevermind.

WatcherWil [userpic]


October 4th, 2006 (05:48 pm)

Thanks to Kell from Cloud Watchers, http://community.livejournal.com/cloud_watchers/, for this juicy tidbit.

Sandy from Neptune Pirate Radio, http://neptunepirateradio.com/, a Veronica Mars website, got an email from a fan wanting to donate some promotional materials from the American Eagle campaign with the CW.  At the end of her email, she mentioned that she ran into Gregory Smith at the Mall of America.  (On a side note...Gregory is promoting his new movie Nearing Grace and that is why he is touring across the country.  To find out more on this topic, check out http://www.everwoodonline.com/).  Anyway, it turns out he is a huge Veronica Mars fan!  The two talked about the show for 15 minutes.  He said he was so relieved that it was renewed and he even mentioned that he reads the Veronica Mars boards on TelevisionWithoutPity.com!  He likes the show so much in fact, that he gave Sandy his email address so they could chat about it.

Who's for Gregory Smith joining the Veronica Mars cast?  Now THAT would draw in some new viewers!

WatcherWil [userpic]


October 3rd, 2006 (05:40 pm)

Last night's ratings are in, and unsurprisingly, the CW came in last place again.  7th Heaven had a minute increase in ratings from last week, but still did poorly with a 2.9 household rating and a 1.6 rating among adults 18-49.  Everwood's replacement show Runaway continues on it's trip to television show graveyards with a 1.4 household rating and a 0.8 rating among the CW's key demographic of adults 18-49.  To drive home the fact that Runaway is a complete and utter failure, while 7th Heaven's ratings received a slight rise this week, Runaway had a decrease from it's premiere last week.  So, while a few more viewers stumbled in to watch 7th Heaven at 8pm, even more viewers turned off the CW at 9pm when Runaway comes on than last week.  Viewers are literally "running away" from this show!  The icing on the doomed cake is that Runaway's ratings are even drastically down from last year's flop, Just Legal, which was in the same time slot.  That's a 38% decrease in the overall ratings and an 11% drop among adults 18-49!!!  I just have one thing to say to the CW about cancelling Everwood...  

Big mistake.  Big.  Huge.  I have to go watch some quality television now.

WatcherWil [userpic]


October 2nd, 2006 (11:41 pm)

The following was posted by CanadianFamily on the CW message boards: 


I have received a response to my email from Rick Forchuk (CKNW) regarding his comment to one of the callers on yesterday’s open-line program…”If you really liked the show keep tuned in as they are talking about bringing it back.”

Following is his reply…
“As for Everwood coming back, there have been persistent rumours from the Hallmark Channel and ABC Family (not available in Canada) that they may collaborate in producing more episodes.”

The interesting part of his reply is the reference to “persistent rumours” which implies it was not just a “one-off” thing that faded away. While it may be just talk or rumours, this could play out very well for Everwood fans as the thought of two other networks possibly considering resurrecting Everwood coupled by the ratings that Runaway gets might just be the push that the CW needs to act.

Again, I'd like to add that I don't know if this radio show host has accurate information, but I'm not entirely doubting that this could actually happen.  None of the actors have permanent work as of right now (they are merely auditioning, filming movies as usual, doing pilot episodes for new series, and guest starring on established shows) and the sets weren't demolished (they were actually being used during the filming of a movie).  Also, ABC Family's Execs seemed extremely excited about the show when they attended our Ferris Wheel Event.  It really is a long shot, I can't stress that enough, but it is still in shooting range.

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